Find Your Best Italian Espresso Machines on Here

Espresso originated in Italy; therefore, it’s deemed that the best espresso machines to go for are those made in Italy. If you are interested in the machines, here are some of the best ones to go for:

Gaggia 90951

This is an automatic machine that is made in Italy by Gaggia. The good thing with the unit is that it’s easy to clean and long lasting. The reason for this is because it’s made from stainless steel. Since it’s automatic, you are able to prepare high quality coffee with the touch of a button.

Rancilio Silvia

Experts say that this is the most popular espresso machine in history. The unit is semi automatic and its hand made in Milan, Italy. The unit comes with 15 bars of pressure which ensures that you have creamy espresso within a very short time.

It also comes with a single tank brass boiler that ensures that the temperature is not lost. The boiler is also very easy to clean. All the parts of the machine are heavy duty; therefore, you are assured that the unit will last for many years.

La Pavoni Professional PBB-16

The machine has been in existence since the 1950s. All the parts are made from high quality materials; therefore, the unit will last for a long time. It also comes with a big boiler that allows you to prepare high quality coffee.

This is because you are able to swift the espresso as much as you can. Since the unit is manually controlled, you have control of the units’ speed. Here you control the speed using a lever.

Tips on how to prepare high quality Espresso

While espresso is very popular, many people don’t know how to prepare it. To guide you here are tips on how to do it:

The secret to the quality of espresso you make lies in the beans that you use. This means that if you want high quality coffee you need to use high quality beans. To buy the right beans you need to avoid buying in supermarkets. Instead, you should visit a specialist coffee supplier.

Once you have bought the beans, you should keep them in tight and sealed plastic containers. This is to ensure that the beans retain their freshness for a long time.

You should avoid buying espresso grounds as they tend to lose their freshness very fast. This is due to their large surface area.