Find Your Portable Table Saws Here

Also known as bench top saws, portable table saws are popular due to their easy-to-carry nature. They also cost less compared to the bigger models. Some of the best models that you should go for are:


This is a high torque unit that offers up to 3,600 revolutions per minute and you can use it in cutting almost anything. It comes with an electronic feedback device that aids in stabilizing the machine. The device also allows you to make consistent cuts. It weighs 60 lbs; therefore, it’s easy to carry.

Although, it has the above advantages, it comes with a number of flaws. One of the flaws is that it’s expensive thus not recommended for beginners.

Rockwell RK7241S

This is ideal for projects that need perfect cuts. This is because it comes with a laser that helps in laying out the guidelines for you to achieve a perfect cut every time. The good side is that it’s able to give perfect cuts in both easy-to-cut and heavy duty materials.

It has a 15 amp motor and it’s able to produce over 4,800 revolutions per minute thus helping you to achieve faster and more precise cuts. Its price starts around $400 and comes with a two year warranty.

While the machine is great to have, you should be careful when buying it. You should take a look at it thoroughly and ensure that there is no damage resulting from the shipping process. This is to ensure that you don’t compromise the accuracy and precision of the unit.

Sawstop CNS175

This is an all-in-one contractor table saw that is very safe to use. One of its greatest features is the automatic brake system that allows you to stop the blade within milliseconds. This aids in reducing injuries and amputations.

The unit also comes with a lock key and main power switch that further enhances the safety features by preventing unauthorized operators from operating it.

In addition to the above features, it also has a miter gauge, stamped wings, blade guard, blade wrenches, riving knife, and contractor saw stand.

The main flaw of the unit is that it’s expensive. It goes for over $1000 which is quite high. There have also been concerns about the stability of the base and saw blade.


These are the best portable table saws that you should go for. Before you buy them always do your research and ensure that you buy a unit that is ideal for your application.